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Mobile Stores

Mobile Stores
Our shoemobiles come to you and your workers on your schedule.


Mister Safety Shoes mobile stores—always ready to come to you

You’ve probably seen the trademark Mister Safety Shoes bright red shoemobiles on Ontario’s highways and parked in front of many leading Canadian companies. The Mobile Store Program— first implemented by Mister Safety Shoes over forty years ago—delivers on-site service, trained safety footwear experts and over a hundred styles of safety shoes and boots.

What could be better for your workers? We come to them, at your workplace. Our spacious showroom is fully stocked with all major brands in all popular sizes. Our drivers are safety footwear experts, trained and experienced to provide a proper fit and recommend the right footwear for your employees.

Modern Shoemobiles
Our modern shoemobiles are comfortable and well stocked for the convenience of your workers.


Modern and well equipped

truck-2Our mobile fleet is clean, modern and fully stocked. Mobile stores can be scheduled to come to corporations almost anywhere in Ontario. Providing your employees with the convenience of scheduled, onsite service can make the difference on compliance and employee goodwill.

Integrated with your eTrac portal

No paperwork. No fuss. Our field experts access your online account and fulfill your workers’ requests on the program you customized. Compliance is automated.


Our shoe mobiles carry most major brands and many styles and sizes.
Our shoemobiles carry most major brands and many styles and sizes.
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